For as long as I can remember photography has been a passion of mine. I was very fortunate to have lived in six different countries while growing up. Because we got to see and meet so many wonderful people and places, my parents always had a camera with them wherever we went. Over the years, I got to re-live those moments in our lives and even feel the emotions that were associated with those photos. Because of this, I fell in love with photography.

I remember taking my first photography class back in high school and knowing that this was something I wanted to pursue. Although it was just a hobby of mine for many years, it was when I had my first son that I decided to turn it into a business.

Having been pregnant and being now a mother of two amazing boys, I understand the importance of documenting each step of this miraculous and beautiful process. From maternity, to their birth, to their first birthday and beyond are some of those moments that we will always want to cherish.

Our day to day life can get so busy that we sometimes forget to stop and just take in that moment. My goal is to help you capture all of those special milestones in your life so that you too can look back and reminisce with a smile on your face. I feel so honoured and beyond grateful to be able to call this my job.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I really hope I get to meet you soon!

– Mariana

Mariana Arapov