5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Newborn Photographer

Your precious newborn is just the cutest! You can’t wait to commemorate their beginning with a baby photoshoot.

There’s no way you can settle for the first baby photographer you find or the nearest one. For your child’s protection and the highest quality photos, you have to sit down and talk with each possible photographer. Don’t be afraid to ask a million questions.

Here are the 5 most important questions to ask a newborn photographer.

1. Do You Have a Portfolio?

The first thing you should do is look at their portfolio. A portfolio will show how professional they are. Pay attention to how they present their work and the quality of their work.

Look at the color balance, exposure, focus, headspace, etc. Don’t hesitate to do some online research about photography.

The babies should look happy and comfortable if they do well with newborns. A lot of pictures of different clients means they have experienced and are probably great with clients.

Check their website; it should have a portfolio. Their site should be updated, have contact information, and have a personality. Client quotes and ratings are a plus.

Look for another photographer if you’re not impressed with their photos.

2. Where Makes Up the Final Cost?

Make sure you understand where the final cost is coming from. The session fee includes a set number of edited photos. You can, however, pay for additional photos you like.

The photographer may automatically charge you for photos you choose that have the parents or siblings with the newborn. You could have to pay extra for travel time if you don’t go to their studio.

Deposits are paid sometime before the session and could be 30% or 50% of the full session price. Depending on how much the session is, installments may be an option.

If they don’t tell you about their cancellation and rescheduling policies, ask them. Many photographers will have you forfeit your deposit or pay for the full session if you cancel or reschedule less than 48 hours or 24 hours before the date. Some even ask that you reschedule or cancel the session weeks prior.

3. What Will the Session Be Like?

Does the photographer have an assistant or two that help out during the shoot? Can you help with props and poses? Ask how many people are allowed to attend the session – parents, siblings, or others.

The photographer may let parents and siblings be in the newborn session. If you’re looking for a photoshoot with a lot of prop options, be sure to ask the photographer what kinds of props they have. They should have the same props in different sizes as babies come in a range of sizes.

4. Do You Have Insurance – and Do Composites When Needed?

You’ll know if the photographer is an actual professional if they have insurance and a business license. They should also have you sign a terms-and-conditions document that clearly states the most important terms and conditions. You have to be sure your newborn will be safe with the photographer.

Ask if they do composites for difficult poses. Don’t hire the photographer if they don’t know what composites are.

Composites are made using Photoshop. Multiple photos are edited and merged together to make the final photo, which is your newborn in a pose that is dangerous to do in real life. In actuality, someone (you or an assistant) is holding the baby in place the whole time!

Props such as chairs and hammocks, high places, and anything it looks like the baby is hanging from are times you’d want the photographer to do a composite. You can’t just place your newborn in a hammock above the ground.

If the photographer says they don’t do composites, it’s a red flag, but that could mean that they don’t do any poses that require a composite. Ask them about this.

5. How Much Experience and Training Do You Have?

With many people building photography websites, it’s hard to tell who are the real professionals. Anyone can buy a camera and look up how to pose newborns. However, professionals research and train so they can properly pose and handle newborns.

Ask them to talk about their experience in newborn photography. The more experience the better. Not all newborns behave the same. A professional will know this and an experienced professional will be able to handle however your baby behaves.

Ask a Newborn Photographer These Questions

Questioning someone like this may feel like an interrogation, but it’s vital that you choose the right photographer. You’re paying for amazing photos of your newborn child, so they should turn out amazing!

You also have to be positive that the newborn photographer understands how to properly deal with newborns and that your baby will be safe with them.

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