How to Book a Cute and Classy Newborn Photoshoot

Building your family is an exciting and beautiful experience. Trying to get those wrinkly bundles of joy behind a camera can sometimes prove to be a trying experience though. Taking advantage of a professional photographer is always a great route to go. Professionals in newborn photography know how to capture those precious first moments in your baby’s life without causing them discomfort and making the experience enjoyable and fun.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your newborn photoshoot.

Posed Versus Lifestyle: Which Will You Choose?

Most photography studios offer a variety of photoshoots you may choose from but they all center around two different styles. These two styles are posed and lifestyle.

A lifestyle photoshoot takes on a more journalistic approach. The pictures center around the baby or both of you while you’re doing something together. This can include you holding or feeding the baby, playing with them, or even sleeping.

A posed photoshoot is the more typical newborn photoshoot where you find a newborn resting on the beanbag and a variety of props. Considering your baby is tiny and new, a photographer will usually dress your baby in something simple. This may be a cute hat or a swaddle blanket surrounded by a creative backdrop.

Know What to Expect

When taking photos of babies, newborn or older, there are several things to consider before the photoshoot.

The most important factor to take into consideration is time. Photographers usually charge for a designated period of time for a photoshoot. Your newborn may not last very long before they get upset if they are either tired or hungry. At Little Wagon Photography we take all of that into consideration and make sure our sessions are long enough to make it all work. We also send you some guidelines ahead of the session to help you prepare so the session goes as smoothly as possible.

Another important factor to consider is the type of props you’d like to use. If the studio does not provide props or the props you’d like, be sure to bring them with you. This may include a specific backdrop you want that the studio does not offer or a special piece of memorabilia that is important to you and your family.

Live in the Moment and Let Your Baby Inspire You!

This is likely the first photoshoot your baby has ever had. Live in the moment! Be sure to soak in every precious moment you have with your baby and enjoy it as much as possible, even the tears.

Your baby has a character of their own. Use that to your advantage and communicate with your photographer if you want them to capture any specific facial expressions or movements that are unique to them. This will help the photographer capture your newborn’s unique personality.

Next Steps: Booking Your Newborn Photoshoot

You want your newborn photoshoot to be perfect, so be sure to choose the perfect photography studio! At Little Wagon Photography , we specialize in family and newborn photography and capture those special moments you’ll remember for a lifetime.

To learn more about Little Wagon Photography or to book a photoshoot, contact us today.