7 Reasons to Plan a Fall Photo Shoot for Your Family

Fall images are almost always captivating. There are so many colors and unique landscapes during the fall season that there’s always something to see. So, why not schedule a fall photo shoot?

With all of the vibrant colors and crisp weather, it’s the perfect time to gather up your family and head out to your favorite picnic spot for family photos.

If you’re wondering why autumn is such a great season for photos, look no further. Here are a few good reasons to plan a fall photo shoot for your family. Keep reading to learn more.

7 Reasons to Plan a Fall Photo Shoot For Your Family

Autumn family pictures are ultimately the best. There are plenty of places to stage a beautiful photo shoot. It’s also easier to fit it in your schedule than during the busy summer months or holiday season.

If that’s not enough for you, these reasons will be!

Playing in the Leaves

The best time to take fall pictures with the kids is in the action. That’s right, let them play in the leaves and catch some images of their joyful, happy faces. Then, take your family photo with the leaves as a natural, colorful fall photography backdrop.


A suntan leftover from summer gives you the advantage of appearing sun-kissed in your photos without battling the sweltering heat of summer. A darker skin tone will be lovely against a fall scene.


Fall is the perfect time to show off your favorite accessories with your perfect fall style. Now is the time for scarves and hats and whatever else you like to wear during this time of year.

Coordinating Dress

Coordinating your attire for family photos is easier with fall colors. Fall colors are neutral and natural and show off your skin tone. Put your family in browns and greens with splashes of red or mustard to fit in with the landscape.

Neutral Tones

The neutral tones of a fall family photo will fit with any decor in your home as well as the homes of those you share your photos with. They won’t stand out nor will they get drowned out by other images.


Summer can be very hot for taking photos and it’s no fun bundling the kids up in the winter to go anywhere, let alone family photos. Fall offers temperate weather with cool enough days that you can bundle up or warm enough days that you can dress down. The point is, you can be comfortable!

Fall Colors

Beautiful fall colors make stunning photos. Add your family to that backdrop and, voila! Instant perfection.

Final Thoughts

Planning a fall photo shoot could be one of the most fun activities for your family all year long. And, if you plan your session around Halloween, you can incorporate your costumes into the mix to make it even more fun for the kids.

Your friends and family will love the fall themed family photos because your excitement will show up in the pictures.

If you have questions, take a look at my gallery for more ideas. If you’re ready to book a session, contact me and we’ll get one scheduled!