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Little Wagon Photography shares tips on photographing babies from the comfort of your home

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Who doesn’t love taking photos of their baby?! Especially when they smile for you?? Sometimes parents try to capture the moment but the photo doesn’t turn out quite as they hoped. They have this vision in their mind but the outcome is a dark photo and a crying baby…

There are many little tips and tricks to photographing your sweet little baby. And for most you can use your own camera! Of course taking professional photos results in high quality, high resolution photos but those can be saved for special occasions (newborn photos, milestone photos, cake smash, etc). Follow the steps below and you will notice a big difference when photographing your sweet baby girl or baby boy.

1 – Get the lighting right. Lighting makes a big different when it comes to photography. While your camera flash may be of some help in certain situations, natural light usually works best for home photography. Place your baby by a window if indoors or choose a shaded area outdoors and Voila! You’ll notice a big different in the photo already. Just make sure to avoid the harsh sun rays by your child as sometimes those result in overexposed photos. Naturally sunlit areas without direct sun exposure are ideal.

2 – Take the photos at the right time. Don’t try to capture photos of your child just before nap time or when they’re hungry. That will only make things harder for both of you! Choose a time of day when your baby is happy, fed and rested. This will make those adorable baby smiles come out easily and effortlessly. 🙂

3 – Photograph growth by the month or milestones. Those are always fun to remember. Your baby will go through so many changes in the first year and photographing those little special moments will be fun to remember as time goes by. You can not only photograph by the month but you can also photograph milestones such as when they start sitting up, when a tooth comes in, when they start taking their first steps, etc.

4 – Keep the background neutral and simple, unless you are going for some type of theme. Removing clutter from around the area will help you focus the photos on your baby instead of everything else. Of course if you are planning for a styled photo session (let’s say for his/her first birthday) then by all means add the balloons and everything else that makes that date special.

5 – Play with them. That’s right! I find the best smiles come from playing with your baby while taking their photos. Playing peekaboo behind the camera is a baby’s favourite and there are many other ways to make your baby smile for some beautiful photography!

Photographing your child should be a fun experience for you and them. These 5 tips should help you achieve better photos and enjoy this precious moment with your baby. If you’re looking for professional baby photos in Ottawa, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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