Planning the Perfect Outfits for Your Maternity Photo Shoot

There’s no better way to celebrate your unborn than by having a maternity photo shoot. The only problem is: what to wear?

It’s easy to get stressed out (especially with pregnancy hormones!) but there are many ways to make choosing an outfit fun and a photoshoot to be proud of. Still worried? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

1. Tight Clothing

Not sure what to wear for a maternity photo shoot?

A top tip is to wear tight clothing to accentuate your bump. Choose a tight t-shirt or a bodycon dress as it will show your curves and remind you of the special months leading up to your little one’s arrival.  

2. Solid Colors

Like the first point, you want nothing to detract from your bump. So when you’re brainstorming maternity photo shoot ideas, ensure you don’t pick a patterned dress anything that will detract from your pregnancy.

But if prefer patterns, have your partner wear patterned clothing instead. And if you find solid colors boring then add fun, bold accessories like necklaces and scarves to bring the outfit to life. 

3. Consider a Maxi Dress

Pregnant or not, maxi dresses are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. There are two major advantages to wearing a maxi dress to your shoot: comfortable and stylish.

Comfort takes top priority when you’re pregnant if you want your maternity photographer to take a variety of photos. Maxi dresses also look incredible on a pregnant body because it’s so flattering.

It covers anything you don’t want to be shown but can also be pulled taut to show off your bump. If you’re shooting outside, a maxi dress can add a dramatic touch as it flows in the wind, creating movement in the photo.  

4. Seasonal or Styled Photos

Before you Google “maternity photographer near me”, decide what time of the year you want the photos taken.

In winter months, you’ll want cozy jumpers and a snug setting whereas you’ll want bright and comfortable clothes in the summer. Knowing when you’re shooting gives you a great starting point for picking which colors to wear for your shoot. 

You can even pick a style or theme by incorporating your favorite hobbies or interests. For example, if you and your partner love the outdoors then why not shoot at your favorite camping spot

5. Pick Two Outfits

Narrowing down to two outfits is a struggle especially if you’re not sure if you want casual or dressed up. So why not switch it up?

Not only does it give you options when choosing which photos to display in your home but it gives you some variety in the photos too. The best maternity photographers will welcome this as long as you inform them. 

Are You Ready for Your Maternity Photo Shoot?

There are many factors to consider when you’re planning a maternity photo shoot. From deciding your outfit to infusing your own style into the photos, this is the perfect time to celebrate your pregnancy and the wonderful things that await you. Happy shooting!

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