Get Holiday Ready: 5 Creative Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Over 2 billion Christmas cards get sent each year. Do the family Christmas photos you send with your cards blend in with the crowd or stand out for their creativity?

Break free from the rut of sitting in front of a tree to try something a little more creative this year. Getting creative with your Christmas photo ideas makes your holiday cards more memorable for your recipients and makes them less likely to end up in the trash.

Choosing a professional photographer helps you make your Christmas family picture ideas a reality. Your photographer may have some tried and true photo ideas. But you can come prepared with these fun and creative photo ideas.

Holiday Action Shots

Instead of trying to get kids to sit still and look at the camera, let them have a little holiday fun by doing a fun activity. Have your photographer snap action shots while you enjoy the holiday activity as a family.

Baking Christmas cookies is an option that looks cute in photos. Grab holiday aprons for everyone, and add some fun sprinkles and holiday decorations on the counter. If possible, frame the shot so the Christmas tree or strands of holiday lights appear behind you as you make your cookies.

Decorating the tree is another option. Prep the tree with lights, then let the kids grab ornaments and decorate while your photographer goes to work.

These holiday photo shoots often produce unique, candid moments. Your kids get to move around and do something, which makes it easier to keep them happy.

Matching PJ Party

Instead of coordinating outfits for family photos, go casual and cozy with matching family pajamas. Pick a theme, and grab a pair of pajamas for every family member. Add Santa hats or slippers for a fun accessory.

One adorable location for this photo shoot is in your bed with a white comforter to create a neutral background. Another option is to gather on the couch and read a Christmas book together for the photo.

Tree Farm Shoot

Head to a local Christmas tree farm for unique family photo ideas. The trees make a pretty, natural backdrop, whether your photographer takes pictures of you walking down the rows, cutting down a tree, or posing next to trees.

Bring along a vintage sled for a creative prop. You can load up a tree on the sled, or pull the kids on it through the rows of pine trees.

Family Reflection

Instead of having your photographer take your photo directly, capture a reflection of the family. One option is to get a large, shiny ball ornament that’s large enough to show all of your faces. Have everyone look at the ornament, and have your photographer snap a shot of the ornament.

Another option is to use a mirror. You might have the family decorating the tree or doing something else near a large mirror. Snap a shot of the mirror with all of your faces showing in it.

Snowy Scenes

Pick a snowy day to capture creative family photos. Snow falling around you while you cuddle under a cozy blanket is a simple option. Hold cute Christmas mugs to pretend like you’re sipping hot cocoa while you pose. 

If you’ve already had plenty of snowfall, let the kids have fun playing in it. Take pictures of you having a family snowball fight, making a snowman, or making snow angels.

Pick Your Christmas Photo Ideas

The best Christmas photo ideas for your family are the ones that let your personality shine. No matter which option you choose, focus on having fun and making the experience relaxing and memorable.

Are you ready to make your holiday photo ideas a reality? Contact us to schedule your family photo session.