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Ottawa Maternity Photographer – best maternity poses. Happy 2021! As you know, many businesses remain closed due to Covid. This unfortunately includes us, Photographers. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best maternity poses to do on your own since Photographers are unable to proceed with sessions until at least sometime in February. And let’s face it, many of these little babies will be born by then!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time to capture and there are so many wonderful spots in Ottawa to take advantage of it! If it’s not too cold, I recommend finding some great trails and go at a time when the light is nice and soft. Even better, go on a cloudy day! Snow and sun don’t mix well together for photos. 😉 In case it’s too cold, taking photos in your own home can be lovely and give a very natural, organic look to them. Just make sure that you have enough natural light in the locations you’re planning to use.

Now that you have found a beautiful location in Ottawa to take some maternity photos, it’s time to focus on the poses!

1 – Photograph mom-to-be on her own! Posing yourself on a 45 degree angle from the camera will be the most flattering (so you’re not facing the camera straight-on). You can embrace your bump by putting your hands around your belly and doing full body photos as well as focusing on belly up! You can take some photos looking at the camera, looking away and looking at your belly.

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2 – Close-up of belly. I personally love taking close-up photos of the belly! And there are so many things you can do to get a few different looks. You can face side-ways and put your hands around your belly. You can hold a little teddy bear or baby shoes close to the belly and you can also do a little heart shape with your hands around it. Many adorable and simple looks to choose from!

3 – Photograph dad and belly together – there’s something incredibly sweet about having dad on his knees snuggling the belly. All he has to do is kneel with both hands on each side while either resting his head on the belly or giving it a kiss. 🙂

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4 – Time to snuggle dad! Have your partner go behind you and put his hands on each side of your belly while bringing his cheeks close to yours. You can do some photos looking at camera, looking at each other or giving each other a kiss.

Ottawa maternity photographer, best maternity photography Ottawa
Ottawa Maternity Photographer – best maternity poses
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5 – Don’t be shy to try different poses that might work best for you! Laying down on the bed, cuddling on the couch, leaning against a tree (if outside) or simply walking towards the camera while outside at a trail. The sky is the limit! Let your creativity come out and have fun while doing it. At the end of the day, all that matters during this time is capturing this sweet moment in whatever way you can.

Hopefully this helped you get some ideas of how to capture this magical moment. For more inspirational poses, please visit my maternity gallery here. And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Maternity Photography Ottawa – Juliana & Caio

I loved photographing this beautiful couple last week! These are actually dear friends of mine; Ju & Caio. 🙂 I first met them when their little guy was just a baby and I’m so happy that I got to photograph their maternity photo session as they anxiously await the birth of their newborn baby girl! I cannot wait to meet her!

Most clients get their maternity photos done between 32-36 weeks of life. However, that varies a bit if this is your second or third pregnancy. In those cases, many mommas are ready to take their pregnancy photos as early as 28 weeks (I was one of them!). As long as the belly is nice and round (meaning you can totally tell you are pregnant), you’re good to go! As a matter of fact, I don’t recommend that clients wait until the last minute to get their maternity photos done in case baby decides to be born a bit sooner than planned.

As for what to wear, there are a ton of options. In this case, this beautiful mom chose to wear a couple of cute tops with jeans. For the jeans look, ideally you want to go with a nicely fitted top or tank top to really show the curves. You can easily change the look by adding a cardigan, a scarf, etc. That way you can have a few different looks for your pregnancy photos without having to change the whole wardrobe!

Another option is to wear a flowy dress. I absolutely love that look for Summer time. This works especially well for petite moms. And yet another option is to go with a fitted dress! This look helps accentuate all of the right curves.

When booking a maternity photo session with me, wardrobe is something we definitely discuss. And I always tell my clients that one of the most important things is that they feel comfortable and love what they wear.

Please feel free to click here to see more maternity photos. And feel free to contact me at or 613-266-8934 if you have any questions. Enjoy your day! 🙂


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Maternity Photography – Ottawa’s leading maternity photographer

So many beautiful photos of this Summer maternity session… lots more to see in our gallery! Please contact us with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!



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Maternity Photography Ottawa – third baby boy on the way!

I recently met this lovely family and I’m looking forward to meeting their new addition very soon!

Please visit our maternity gallery for more samples of our work and contact us with any questions that you may have. Thanks for stopping by!


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