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Ottawa Maternity Photographer – best maternity poses. Happy 2021! As you know, many businesses remain closed due to Covid. This unfortunately includes us, Photographers. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best maternity poses to do on your own since Photographers are unable to proceed with sessions until at least sometime in February. And let’s face it, many of these little babies will be born by then!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time to capture and there are so many wonderful spots in Ottawa to take advantage of it! If it’s not too cold, I recommend finding some great trails and go at a time when the light is nice and soft. Even better, go on a cloudy day! Snow and sun don’t mix well together for photos. 😉 In case it’s too cold, taking photos in your own home can be lovely and give a very natural, organic look to them. Just make sure that you have enough natural light in the locations you’re planning to use.

Now that you have found a beautiful location in Ottawa to take some maternity photos, it’s time to focus on the poses!

1 – Photograph mom-to-be on her own! Posing yourself on a 45 degree angle from the camera will be the most flattering (so you’re not facing the camera straight-on). You can embrace your bump by putting your hands around your belly and doing full body photos as well as focusing on belly up! You can take some photos looking at the camera, looking away and looking at your belly.

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2 – Close-up of belly. I personally love taking close-up photos of the belly! And there are so many things you can do to get a few different looks. You can face side-ways and put your hands around your belly. You can hold a little teddy bear or baby shoes close to the belly and you can also do a little heart shape with your hands around it. Many adorable and simple looks to choose from!

3 – Photograph dad and belly together – there’s something incredibly sweet about having dad on his knees snuggling the belly. All he has to do is kneel with both hands on each side while either resting his head on the belly or giving it a kiss. 🙂

maternity photography Stittsville, Ottawa maternity photography

4 – Time to snuggle dad! Have your partner go behind you and put his hands on each side of your belly while bringing his cheeks close to yours. You can do some photos looking at camera, looking at each other or giving each other a kiss.

Ottawa maternity photographer, best maternity photography Ottawa
Ottawa Maternity Photographer – best maternity poses
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5 – Don’t be shy to try different poses that might work best for you! Laying down on the bed, cuddling on the couch, leaning against a tree (if outside) or simply walking towards the camera while outside at a trail. The sky is the limit! Let your creativity come out and have fun while doing it. At the end of the day, all that matters during this time is capturing this sweet moment in whatever way you can.

Hopefully this helped you get some ideas of how to capture this magical moment. For more inspirational poses, please visit my maternity gallery here. And please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Photography safety procedures during Coronavirus

The last few months have been very trying for many due to Covid-19. As businesses start to re-open, I want to assure you that Little Wagon Photography will be taking all possible measures to maintain the safety of your family (and ours) during your family photo session. While Photographers are once again open for business, here are some of the things that I’ll be doing on my end to prevent the spread of the virus:

1 – Maintaining social distance. At this time, Little Wagon Photography will only be offering outdoor photography sessions in the Ottawa area. This will help me ensure that I can keep a distance of of 6 feet (or 2 meters) from your family at all times.

2 – Choosing the location wisely. While there are many beautiful spots in Ottawa to photograph at, I will be choosing photo locations that offer plenty of space for us to photograph at without being crowded by people around us.

3 – Bringing a sanitizer. Yes, sanitizers are finally available again! And I will be bringing one along for myself and any clients that would like to use it before/after our session.

4 – Wearing a mask. I’m lucky that my mom made some very cute masks for my family to wear. So I’ll be wearing a fashionable pink mask when you see me for your family photo session. 🙂

5 – Making sure we’re all healthy prior to our photo session. Prior to our photography photo-shoot, I will contact all clients to make sure everyone is feeling healthy and have no symptoms of Coronavirus (cough, fever, cold-like symptoms, etc). I will definitely let you know the same about me.

6 – Following local guidelines. At this time, Photographers in Ottawa are allowed to photograph outdoors as long as we keep 6 feet away from our clients and as long as we don’t exceed a group of 10 people. If these guidelines change, I will be letting all of my clients know ahead of our photo session.

My goal is to provide a safe environment and fun experience for all who are entrusting me with their photo session. If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to helping your family capture some beautiful photos for you to cherish!

6 Great Ideas for Creating Stunning Maternity Photos

Congratulations, you’re expecting!

Surely you’ll want to tell the world and everyone you love. Maternity photos are the best way to express your new joy in a creative and beautiful way.

There are so many picture ideas to consider for this major milestone.

Here are 6 cute ideas for stunning maternity photos.

1. Waterfront View

If you want your photos to have a calming effect, a waterfront view is the way to go.

Bodies of water such as lakes, beaches, and rivers provide a beautiful aesthetic. Nothing can compare with the image of rushing water or breaking waves. People will feel a sense of ease when they catch a glimpse of your pictures.

Try posing on a dock or sandy seashore. There’s no limit to how you can incorporate this view into your shoot.

Nature, in general, is a great go-to subject for maternity photos. Maternity photos that are set in the woods or a forest are always cute.

2. The Silhouette

One of the most elegant maternity ideas involves the silhouette. Simple and classy, the black and white contrast will show off your body.

You can achieve a silhouette in a studio or out in nature. An open field in the evening is a perfect place to snap this kind of photo. A glowing, vibrant sunset or sunrise is the ideal setting for achieving a stunning effect.

3. Painted Belly

Most mothers want to show off their beautiful pregnant bellies in some way or another. Painting your belly is the colorful and fun way to do this.

You have a lot of wiggle room in terms of what you can have painted. Do you want a glove or starry night sky? An image from a fairytale or a children’s picture book is another great painting idea.

Get as creative as possible and don’t be afraid to show off your individual taste.

4. Candid Shots

Maybe you want to show off your silly side for your maternity photo shoot. In that case, you can’t go wrong with some candid photos.

Candids are less posed but just as lovely. They let you show off your sense of humor and sensibility. There are some funny things about pregnancy and motherhood so why not embrace them here?

Include your wacky food cravings or take a photo of you hanging around in your favorite spot. Share a laugh with your partner or other children. The idea is to keep is playful and casual.

There are so many settings and activities that make adorable candid photos. Try posing while doing your favorite things such as reading or cooking.

5. The Milk Bath

The milk bath is one of the most unique pregnancy photo shoot ideas out there.

This concept involves submerging yourself into a milk bath, either wearing a cute outfit or going all natural. Adding flowers is the best way to create an artistic and delicate aesthetic. You can use daisies, orchids, roses, or any other beautiful petals that fit your style.

6. Baby Animals

Babies are adorable, human or otherwise.

If you want to make people lose their minds over cuteness, try posing with some baby animals. Tiny goats, bunnies, ducklings, kittens, and puppies make great counterparts for a maternity photo shoot. You can even incorporate a family pet.

Take Your Maternity Photos

Now that you’re overflowing with creative ideas, it’s time to take those maternity photos. Check out our affordable packages and rates for photo shoots.

Also, make sure to keep up with the latest baby and maternity photo tips by visiting our blog.

Maternity Photography – Ottawa’s leading maternity photographer

So many beautiful photos of this Summer maternity session… lots more to see in our gallery! Please contact us with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!



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Maternity Photography Ottawa – third baby boy on the way!

I recently met this lovely family and I’m looking forward to meeting their new addition very soon!

Please visit our maternity gallery for more samples of our work and contact us with any questions that you may have. Thanks for stopping by!


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Maternity Photographer Ottawa – Yi & her baby bump

I really wish more mamas would do maternity photo when they’re expecting. They all just look so beautiful! This gorgeous mama was glowing during her maternity session. They were such a nice family to photograph and I can just tell that big sister will be such a helper!

Please visit our maternity gallery for more photos of baby bumps and feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!



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Ottawa Maternity Photography – Alayne & Chris

I love everything about maternity photography sessions… I love the glow of the pregnant momma, I love the sweetness of the couples and I love how well two adults listen compared to little ones. 😉

Please visit our maternity gallery for more pregnancy photos. Our studio is located in Ottawa and we serve all of its surrounding areas. If you have any questions, please contact us here. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



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Ottawa maternity photography

Ottawa Maternity Photography – Nikki & Tim

My sister-in-law and her beau came to visit us in Ottawa and of course I just had to take some maternity photos of them while they were in town. I really wish they lived close to us so that I could capture photos of their little one when he/she is born. But for now, I was really happy just taking some photos of the baby while he/she is still in momma’s belly. 🙂

Please feel free to visit our maternity gallery to see more our of work and contact us with any questions that you may have. Thanks for stopping by!


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Ottawa Maternity Family Photographer – baby number 2!

I just love maternity sessions. I love photographing these beautiful moms/moms-to-be and helping them capture beautiful photos of such an amazing time in their lives. This lovely family is about to welcome baby number 2 into their lives and they were looking forward to taking some casual and fun photos to remember this moment.

Please feel free to browse through our maternity gallery to see more samples of our work. Thanks for stopping by!




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Maternity Photographer Ottawa – Ariane & Family

I had such a great time photographing this beautiful family during their maternity session! Their little guy couldn’t have been any cuter and sweeter. So many smiles to choose from!

Please feel free to browse through our maternity gallery to view more of our work and contact us with any questions that you may have. Thanks for stopping by!


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