Tips for a Successful Baby Photoshoot in Ottawa

Embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood is like entering a world where every heartbeat, every giggle, and every tiny milestone feels like a masterpiece. As you navigate through the joyous chaos of babyhood, there’s a magical opportunity to freeze these precious moments in time – a chance to capture the enchanting essence of your little one’s early days.

In this whirlwind age of diapers, lullabies, and sweet baby breaths, preparation for a baby photoshoot becomes a cherished chapter in your family’s story. Imagine being able to hold onto those fleeting moments when your baby’s smile lights up the room or when those tiny fingers curl around yours. It’s more than just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of the profound love and joy that your little one has brought into your family and your world.

So, find a cozy spot, and join us as we explore the art of preparing for a successful baby photoshoot. Let’s dive into the details that will transform these captured moments into treasures that will fill your heart for a lifetime. Because every coo, every yawn, and every adorable expression is a piece of your family’s unique and beautiful story waiting to be told. 

Wardrobe Matters: How to Dress Your Baby

As you start the delightful adventure of capturing your baby’s precious moments, choosing the perfect wardrobe becomes an art. Picture this: soft fabrics that caress your baby’s delicate skin, colours that complement their natural glow, and outfits that effortlessly showcase their unique personality. When it comes to dressing your little one for a photoshoot, comfort reigns supreme. Opt for fabrics that let them move freely, allowing those adorable baby movements to shine through. 

Keep it simple and timeless – think pastels, neutrals, or soft patterns that won’t distract from the star of the show: your precious bundle of joy. Avoiding overly busy patterns ensures that the focus remains on your baby’s expressions and the genuine moments captured. Remember, these photographs will be cherished by family throughout for years to come, and a classic, timeless look will stand the test of time, always bringing you back to the heartwarming memories of your baby’s early days. So, indulge in the joy of selecting outfits and poses that reflect the purity and innocence of your little one, creating a visual masterpiece that mirrors the love surrounding them.

Feeding and Napping Strategies

Navigating the world of baby photoshoots is an adventure full of heart-melting moments, and ensuring your little star is well-rested and happy is vital to capturing that pure magic. Consider it a dance between the baby’s natural rhythm and the photographer’s lens. Begin by planning the photoshoot around your baby’s feeding and napping routine, ensuring that those sleepy smiles and blissful expressions are ready to be captured. A well-fed and well-rested baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby makes for the most enchanting photographs. 

Timing is everything – schedule the shoot when your little one is naturally more relaxed and joyful. Embrace the pauses for those adorable yawns or tiny stretches, turning every moment into a work of art. Remember, these photographs are not just snapshots; they are timeless treasures that reflect the joy of your baby’s early days. So, let the feeding and napping sessions become part of the photoshoot magic, creating a gallery of memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

Bring Meaningful Props and Personal Items

Ah, the magic of adding a personal touch to your baby’s photoshoot – it’s like sprinkling stardust on those captured moments, turning them into cherished memories. Consider infusing your photoshoot with props that tell a story, reflecting the uniqueness of your little one. From snuggly blankets to tiny toys that hold a special place in your heart, each prop becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your family’s journey. 

Think beyond the conventional and embrace items with sentimental value – perhaps a handmade blanket from grandma or a toy passed down through generations. These meaningful props not only add warmth to the visual narrative but also create a timeless connection to your family’s history. So, explore the possibilities, let your creativity flow, and watch these personalized touches transform your baby’s photoshoot into a gallery of memories that speak volumes about your family’s love and joy. 

Communication with the Photographer

Embarking on a baby photoshoot adventure is a collaborative dance between you and the artist behind the lens. Every baby is unique, so communication is the secret ingredient that turns each click into a masterpiece. Embrace the beauty of clear and open communication – share your wishes, dreams, and preferences. Does a particular style of photography tug at your heart? Are there distinct moments or angles you hope to capture? Let your photographer in on the unique nuances of your family dynamic. Discuss any special considerations – perhaps a specific time when your baby is most animated or a particular prop that holds sentimental value. 

This dialogue ensures that the photoshoot becomes a tailored experience, a canvas where your family’s story unfolds seamlessly. Trust is the foundation of this collaboration, and by fostering an environment of open communication, you’re not just capturing moments; you’re co-creating a visual symphony that echoes the love, support, and joy within your family. So, let the conversation begin, and watch as your shared vision transforms photos into timeless memories.

Backup Plans for Unexpected Situations

In the world of baby photoshoots, flexibility and preparedness are the unsung heroes, ready to turn unexpected twists into charming moments. When it comes to unforeseen situations, having a backup plan is like having a secret magic wand. Be it a change in weather or a mood shift in your little one, discuss contingency plans with your photographer. Maybe there’s an indoor location nearby if the weather takes an unexpected turn, or perhaps a favourite toy can be the perfect mood lifter. 

Flexibility allows the unexpected to unfold gracefully, turning unplanned moments into delightful and fun surprises. Embrace the unpredictability of the moment, knowing that these spontaneous twists are what make your baby’s photoshoot uniquely yours. So, as you venture into the world of capturing magic in pictures, remember that flexibility is the key to turning every unexpected situation into a beautiful chapter of your family’s story.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Journey 

As our enchanting journey through the art of baby photoshoot preparation comes to a close, let’s take a moment to wrap it all up in the warmth of celebration and joy. Remember that each tip shared here is a stepping stone towards creating a timeless masterpiece – a gallery of memories that will become the heartstrings of your family’s story. 

Choosing the right time, dressing your little one with simplicity and timeless charm, aligning with feeding and napping routines, infusing personal touches through meaningful props, and fostering open communication with your photographer all help you get closer to capturing the perfect image. But amidst all the planning and preparation, the magic lies in embracing the journey. So, as you embark on this photographic adventure, take a deep breath, savour every moment, and let the authenticity of your baby’s personality shine through. 

This is not just a baby photoshoot; it’s a celebration of love, laughter, and the unique beauty your little one brings into the world. Enjoy every click, relish every smile, and let the joy of capturing your baby’s early days fill your heart with gratitude. Here’s to celebrating the journey and the magic of your family’s story!

Santa’s Little Posers: Kids Christmas Photo Session!

Santa’s Little Posers: Kids Christmas Photo Session! Tis the season to be merry. At Little Wagon Photography, we’re honoured to capture your children’s photos year after year to help ring in the season. This is such a wonderful time of year to create memories of your little ones.

The fun process of creating these photo sessions

Every year we create magical backdrops to bring Christmas into our studio. We turn our studio into a little winter wonderland that sparks joy and excitement into the little ones’ eyes. We try to make each photo session unique and special.

children getting their Christmas photos done in Ottawa.
Two beautiful children posing for a Christmas photo session at Little Wagon Photography, in Ottawa.

What makes our sessions so special is the excitement and laughter we capture through our photos. We believe in having fun throughout our time together and capturing your kids’ personality the best way we can.

What to wear on the big day

We encourage families to get creative with their outfits – whether wearing comfy Christmas pyjamas or dressing them with their fancy attire, the most important thing is to compliment the holiday theme while making sure the kids are comfortable so they can enjoy their time!

Two adorable siblings taking their photos at Little Wagon Photography during a Christmas photo session.
These two siblings had a wonderful time taking their photos at Little Wagon Photography.

Creating a time capsule

As the years pass, these photos become a time capsule, capturing the growth and love of your family. These precious moments go by so fast and it brings so much happiness to be able to look back on them.

Siblings taking their photos at Little Wagon Photography during a Christmas photo session.
Big brother and little sister taking their Christmas photos at our studio in Ottawa.

Continuing with the celebration!

After your session, there’s nothing better than continuing to celebrate the season by doing some Christmas activities in Ottawa! Check out these activities happening now in our city.

Whether it’s your first time booking a session or you are a seasoned client, feel free to contact us to book your spot for a photo session of your liking! We’re here to capture the love, the laughter and the fun that makes this season truly magical.

Happy Holidays!

Great items to start with your newborn photography business

It’s hard not to fall in love with newborn photography. Who doesn’t want to take photos of squishy little newborn babies for a living? And yet, starting your own business can seem like a daunting task. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to start your own photography business.

Of course you will need to learn how to operate a camera and how to pose a baby safely (that is the most important part of your job!) But once you’re familiar with your camera, lighting and have some experience handling newborn babies and posing them safely, there are just a few essential items to get you started.

  1. A posing beanbag or something similar to lay baby on. You will need somewhere soft and safe to put baby on. There are specific beanbags out there that are made for photographers. These are easy to clean and easy to stuff to your liking. I have been photographing babies for almost 14 years and have had the same beanbag for all these years. It’s an investment into your photography business that will serve you well. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I purchased mine (it was so long ago!) but it looks something like this link.
ottawa newborn photographers

2. A posing fabric or blanket. There are many lovely photography vendors out there that sell posing fabrics. But if that’s out of your budget, all you need is to go to a fabric store and get 2 yards of a stretchy, soft fabric for baby to lay on. You can even cut a piece of it to use as a matching wrap! Another option is to use a soft blanket that is long enough to cover the space. Just keep in mind that you want something soft that won’t be prickly on baby’s skin.

newborn photography

3. A backdrop stand. You will need something to clip your fabric to. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a stand. When I photograph newborns in client’s homes, a lot of time I will use the back of their chairs to clamp the fabric so it looks nice and smooth. There are photographers that will skip this step and fix it in Photoshop later. But if you’re new at photography, this step will help you save time when editing.

newborn photography, newborn photography Ottawa

4. A basket or two! Just like with posing fabrics, there are many vendors that sell beautiful baskets/bowls to pose baby in. The good thing about buying through a vendor is that you know it will be the perfect size to pose a newborn baby safely in. That being said, you can also find some cute boxes/bowls in local stores that will work. The main thing is to make sure that these are safe and that they don’t have any sharp edges that could harm baby.

newborn photography

5. Wraps. As I mentioned above, if you purchase fabric at your local fabric store you can always cut a piece of that fabric to wrap baby in. Newborn babies love being swaddled. It makes them feel safe and comforted and it’s always my go to when babies are awake or not very content. Once you have a few wraps, there are many ways to wrap baby in order to get a large variety of photos.

Besides your camera, lighting (natural or not) and knowing how to pose babies safely, these are some of the basic items that will help you get started. If you’d like to learn more, we offer newborn photography classes that you can find here. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Photography safety procedures during Coronavirus

The last few months have been very trying for many due to Covid-19. As businesses start to re-open, I want to assure you that Little Wagon Photography will be taking all possible measures to maintain the safety of your family (and ours) during your family photo session. While Photographers are once again open for business, here are some of the things that I’ll be doing on my end to prevent the spread of the virus:

1 – Maintaining social distance. At this time, Little Wagon Photography will only be offering outdoor photography sessions in the Ottawa area. This will help me ensure that I can keep a distance of of 6 feet (or 2 meters) from your family at all times.

2 – Choosing the location wisely. While there are many beautiful spots in Ottawa to photograph at, I will be choosing photo locations that offer plenty of space for us to photograph at without being crowded by people around us.

3 – Bringing a sanitizer. Yes, sanitizers are finally available again! And I will be bringing one along for myself and any clients that would like to use it before/after our session.

4 – Wearing a mask. I’m lucky that my mom made some very cute masks for my family to wear. So I’ll be wearing a fashionable pink mask when you see me for your family photo session. 🙂

5 – Making sure we’re all healthy prior to our photo session. Prior to our photography photo-shoot, I will contact all clients to make sure everyone is feeling healthy and have no symptoms of Coronavirus (cough, fever, cold-like symptoms, etc). I will definitely let you know the same about me.

6 – Following local guidelines. At this time, Photographers in Ottawa are allowed to photograph outdoors as long as we keep 6 feet away from our clients and as long as we don’t exceed a group of 10 people. If these guidelines change, I will be letting all of my clients know ahead of our photo session.

My goal is to provide a safe environment and fun experience for all who are entrusting me with their photo session. If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to helping your family capture some beautiful photos for you to cherish!

Baby Photography Ottawa – Sweet Stella

I loved seeing this sweet baby girl again in my Ottawa studio! I first met her when she was just a few days old and look at her now! She’s 7 months; such a perfect age to get some baby photos done. I just had to stop by and post a couple of close-ups of this sweet little face! 🙂

Please feel free to see more adorable babies in this gallery. Thanks for stopping by!


baby girl, baby photography ottawa


baby close-up, baby photography, ottawa baby photographer


Baby Photography – Ottawa’s leading baby Photographer

Here are some simple and beautiful photos of this little munchkin! Such a sweet baby photography session in our Ottawa studio. 🙂

Please visit our gallery for more sample of our work or click here to go directly into the baby gallery. Thanks for stopping by!


baby photography Ottawa, baby photographer


baby photographer Ottawa, baby photography


Ottawa baby photography, baby photographers


Ottawa baby photographer, baby photography


baby photographers Ottawa, Ottawa baby photography, baby photographer


Ottawa baby photographers, baby photography Ottawa, baby photographer


baby photography Ottawa, Ottawa baby photographer



Baby Photography – Celeste and her smiles… :)

I loved seeing this pumpkin again! Her smiles won me over. Such a fun age to photograph… 🙂

Please visit our baby gallery for more photos of babies around this age and feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!



baby photography, baby photographer Ottawa


baby photographer, baby photography Ottawa


baby photographers, baby photographer Ottawa


baby photography, Ottawa baby photographer


baby photographer, Ottawa baby photography


baby photographers, Ottawa baby photographers


baby photographer, baby photography


Ottawa baby photography, baby photographers


baby photography, best baby photographer Ottawa


best baby photography Ottawa, baby photography


Ottawa photographer, baby photography


best baby photography, baby photographers

Ottawa Baby Photographer – another sweet little munchkin

I can’t tell you enough how much I just adore photographing babies around this age! They are so smiley and fun loving! This little man was no exception, as you can see by the photos. 😉

Please visit our baby gallery for  more photos of darling babies and contact us with any questions or to book an appointment. Thanks for stopping by!


baby photographer Ottawa, best baby photography Ottawa


Kanata baby photography, Ottawa baby photographers


baby photography Ottawa, baby photographer Stittsville


Ottawa baby photographer


baby photography Ottawa


best baby photographer Ottawa, Kanata baby photography


baby photography Stittsville, Ottawa baby photographers


baby photographer Kanata, Ottawa best baby photographer


baby photographer Ottawa


Ottawa baby photography

Ottawa baby photography – Eddie

How sweet is this little munchkin?!? This has got to be one of the yummiest phases to photograph your baby. 🙂

Please visit our baby gallery for more photos of wee lil’ ones and contact us with any questions. Thanks for stopping by!


baby photography Ottawa, Ottawa's best baby photographer


baby photographer Ottawa, Kanata baby photographer


Ottawa baby photography


Ottawa baby photographer, best baby photography Ottawa


Ottawa baby photography, Kanata baby photographers


Ottawa baby photographer


baby photographer Ottawa, Ottawa's best baby photographers


Ottawa baby photography


baby photography Ottawa, Ottawa baby photographer


baby photography Ottawa


best Ottawa baby photographer, baby photography Ottawa


Baby Photography Ottawa – Maya turns 1!

I was so happy to see this lovely family again! It’s so fun to have clients that come with the intention of just having a great time on their session. And this family knows how to do just that!

Please visit our baby gallery for more photos of little ones and contact us with any questions that you may have. Thanks for stopping by!


baby photography Ottawa


Ottawa baby photography


baby photographer Ottawa


Ottawa baby photographer


baby photographers Ottawa


Ottawa baby photographers


baby photography Ottawa, Stittsville baby photographer


Kanata family photographer, Stittsville family Photographer


Kanata baby photographer, Ottawa baby photography


Stittsville baby photography, Ottawa baby photographers


baby photographer Ottawa, Ottawa baby photography


best baby photographer Ottawa, Ottawa's best baby photographers


baby photography Ottawa

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